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Our guide to an Air Ambulance flight: “Bedside-to-Bedside”

Our guide to an Air Ambulance flight: “Bedside-to-Bedside”

There are many air ambulance companies all over the world which leaves anyone in need of a medical evacuation a lot of options. When choosing a company to provide medical care for you or a loved one you want to make sure that your using a company that practices a higher standard of care. At Acute Air Ambulance we utilize experienced Pilots who can navigate through any challenges that can take place during a medical transport. The medical staff provided on each flight is based on the patients’ individual needs and this can be determined by the Physician currently treating the patient, Our Director of Medical Services and/or our Medical Director.

Once the decision has been made that you or a loved one needs an Air Ambulance here are the things you can expect from the Acute Air Ambulance Team.

When taking your initial call, one of our exceptionally friendly and trained flight coordinators will take all of your information and provide you with a quote for your transport. If you chose to move forward with Acute we will immediately activate our medical team and prepare for a quick departure. Typically we can be airborne in 90 minutes from confirmation but here are some things you can provide to expedite our departure:

  • Have that passport and/or VISA information for the patient and any family members planning to travel with us
  • Provide the flight coordinator with the name and phone number of the facility where the patient is being treated and any additional phone numbers for the Doctor or Case Manager
  • Have the patients’ medical insurance information available
  • Provide us with the information on the facility where the patient will be brought to (if you do not have this information we can coordinate acceptance to many hospitals nationwide)

While we are gathering the information our Chief Flight Nurse will obtain a medical report and discus it with the medical team and Medical Director to make sure that all the unique details for your air ambulance are met. Once all of the information is collected our team with depart on an aircraft equipped with a stretcher and all the medical supplies that will be needed for your transport.

We offer what we call a “Bedside-to-Bedside” service, this simply means our medical team will come to the hospital to meet you via a local ground ambulance and stay by your side until you have arrived at your destination facility. We believe that practicing this standard for each and every transport ensures a smooth and less stressful transport.

The entire team at Acute Air Ambulance strives to provide top notch customer service and industry leading medical care. You can be assured that when choosing us we will care for you like family.