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May a family member come with the patient?

Normally yes and there is no additional charge. There are cases however, where our Medical Director may not approve a family member for a variety of reasons that may impede patient care including space.

What arrangements does Acute Air Ambulance make for the flight?

Acute Air Ambulance makes all arrangements regarding the air ambulance flight. This includes having our Medical Director and/or our Medical Crew Supervisor obtain a detailed pre-flight medical report from the discharging facility. The ground ambulances at both ends of the flight will be arranged by our staff. The team will also be in contact with the receiving hospital in update them of the arrival time and confirming bed availability, as well as any special requests of the family.

Can you call me with updates throughout the course of the trip?

Yes. Our flight coordinators can keep you updated on each step of the evacuation via phone call, email or text message as often as you would like. The team will typically call you when we land prior to arriving at the sending hospital and prior to arrival at the receiving hospital.

What am I required to do to prepare for the trip?

We will need the following information to prepare an evacuation.

  • Discharging Facility information
  • Receiving Facility information
  • Names of any one traveling
  • Passport/Visa information (for international flights)

Once we have this information you just need to let us know when you will be ready to go.

How far in advance do I need to schedule the trip?

We understand that usually these trips are not planed and that the patient might need to be flown short notice. As long as we have all the information listed above we can accommodate any and all trips no matter how much notice we are given.  However, it is best to give us as much notice as possible.

What type of medical equipment and medications are on board?

A partial list of supplies and equipment includes oxygen, ventilator, cardiac monitor/defibrillator, suction equipment, full ACLS drug complement, IV supplies, resuscitation equipment, FAA approved stretchers, AC inverters and much more.

Who is your Medical Director?

Dr. Michael Farrell, Acute Air Ambulance’s Medical Director, enforces strict protocols that exceed national standards. He will personally review your patient’s case and will provide specific protocols for your patient.

Does the company have a Medical Director?

Acute Air Ambulance has a highly trained and experienced Medical Director who specialized in emergency medical care.

Is the company licensed in their state as an air ambulance?

Acute Air Ambulance holds a valid, active and current Florida State air ambulance license.

Does the company have liability and malpractice insurance?

Acute Air Ambulance carries the appropriate liability and malpractice insurance as required by the state.

Does the company staff each flight with appropriate medical staff?

At Acute Air Ambulance the wellbeing of our clients is our number one concern. After receiving a medical report from the discharging facility and reviewing the information with our medical director the staff will be determined. At a minimum, all air ambulance trips require a critical care paramedic. Acute Air Ambulance’s standard of care is one critical care paramedic and one critical care registered nurse. When necessary, we provide respiratory therapists, nurse practitioners and physicians. Our medical personnel have extensive training in flight physiology and air ambulance protocol.

Is the Medical Director involved with each flight?

Yes, Dr. Farrell will be involved with all the decisions regarding your medical flight.

Does Acute Air Ambulance provide international evacuation service?

Yes. Acute Air Ambulance has the ability to help you with your international medical evacuations around the world. Our team can help arrange for a private air ambulance flight no matter where you are. If you are looking for a transport that is a little more cost effective we can also arrange for a stretcher to be placed in a commercial aircraft. This type of transport does require some advanced notice and is not available for immediate evacuations. Acute Air Ambulance can also provide you with Medical Escorts which can be less than half the cost of a private jet. This option is only for patients who are not critical and their doctors have approved them to fly on a commercial aircraft.

What is “bedside to bedside” service and why is it important?

Bedside to bedside service means that the medical crew is with the patient from the discharging facility, on the flight, and is with the patient until arrival at the receiving facility. This insures that the patients receive the best most appropriate care through the entire transport.  Our team can then give a detailed medical report to the receiving medical facility. Although many companies do not provide this service, Acute Air Ambulance feels that bedside to bedside service is very important and we provide this service on every flight.