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Should you find that you or a loved one is in need of fixed wing air ambulance transportation services, call Acute Air Ambulance at 954-533-1585. One of our trained flight coordinator specialists is available to help coordinate the medical care you or your family member requires.

Acute Air Ambulance utilizes contracts with aircraft vendors who operate under their own FAA 135 certificates. Acute Air Ambulance and each aircraft vendor are fully licensed and insured.

We have the compassion at Acute Air Ambulance to not only care for your loved ones, but also the professionalism to coordinate all of their necessary medical, in-flight care.

Contact Info
  •   (888) 855-0404
  •   (954) 533-1585
  •   OPS@acuteair.com
  •   240 SW 34th St, Ft. Lauderdale, FL